The Price of Hubris

Bloodcrows and Spiders and Revengers, Oh My!

Where our intrepid adventurers face much evil...

We are going to avoid spoilers from the adventure “The Dalish Curse,” and I will instead highlight some character development then begin part two of out story.

Jace: He learned that Aeden has had a poor run of luck with the loss of his brother, and that it can cause the Knight to lash out every now and again. He has resolved to be a little more forgiving.

Ser Aeden: The time for mourning is over, and time for healing has begun.

Teyli: Shems smell like wet dogs.

Part Two:The Master

Jace wasn’t aware the world outside of the tower was so dangerous. Surly locals, angry elves, demons and darkspawn. Though the excitement in his life had increased a thousandfold, he had no regrets. He and his friends were reaching into the Brecilian Forest, having been tipped off about an evil entity known only as “The Master” residing in some familiar ruins. They couldn’t simply allow for something more powerful than what they had just faced threaten Ferelden further, so they were going to investigate. After all, it is what Bann Cedrick ordered them to do.

Getting to the ruins had been easy, the trouble, it would seem, would be getting into them. The entrance was crawling with Skeletons. Luckily a few well placed lances of arcane energy and Teyli’s true aim never allowed the skeletons to be much threat.

Once inside, the heroes could feel that something dreadful was encroaching from the lower levels of the dungeon. They descended carefully to discover hundred of abandoned cells and the walking dead in hoards. They dispatched skeleton after skeleton, even some of the dangerous fanged variety. It wasn’t until they encountered a shade did things get dicey. Teyli’s arrows, and Aeden’s sword were no match for the umbra, but Jace made quick work of the creature with a carefully cast Winter’s Grasp spell. Then they noticed a middle aged man with long black hair and a black beard. “Who are you,” they asked the man. “I’m not sure,” he replied, “I never thought about it.”



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