The Price of Hubris

One big happy family...

Where Jace and Aeden don't see eye to eye...

As the group were getting ready to get underway, Jace had come to realize something. He may well have to sleep outside. This wasn’t some ‘sleep under the stars on the Tower’s grounds’ kind of sleep outside, either. The mage wouldn’t have a warm bed to crawl into if the weather turned sour.

“It would seem,” said Jace, “That I don’t have a bedroll.” They were walking through the commons on the small town. Teyli gave the mage a raised brow, “Do you really need one?” Jace, a little put off at the question scratched behind his head. “Yes, just in case it rains.”

“I would suspect that the tower taught mages to be better prepared,” grimaced Aeden. “I didn’t know my job would entail sleeping in the wilderness of the Brecilian Forest!” Jace shot heatedly. Aeden, obviously disaproving of the tone that the spellcaster had taken, narrowed his eyes. “Then why haven’t you bought one?” Jace, having been bossed around by templars with the same attitude as this knight standing in front of him, was through being the bottom of the ladder after finally leaving the keep. “Perhaps, Ser Knight,” he said with biting sarcasm, “you haven’t heard of this little thing called Poverty going around?” “Will you two shems stop your waggling tongues?” Teyli interjected, stopping a flustered and red-faced Aeden in mid stutter.

Clearly this was going to be an interesting three months.



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